I'm Holly, and I started making baby rompers after my first daughter was born in May 2020. I wanted to create a garment that stood out, and lasted her several months (not just a few weeks, like so many of her clothes in the early days). So the BOMBA design was born!

The name BOMBA is a reflection of the big-bouncy-round-romper shape.

I design and make all the prototypes, and the rompers are made by a lovely little team in the Midlands. It is really important to me that the clothes are all made in the UK, by skilled experts.

Here are the other pillars behind BOMBA, which set us apart:


We use linen and modal. Linen is naturally environmentally friendly. It is made from the flax plant which requires little or no irrigation to grow - unlike some fabric such as cotton. Flax also thrives in poor soil, so grows happily without pesticides.

    Modal is a manmade fibre, created from beech wood pulp. The Austrian company Lenzing’s certified MicroModal is made from replenished trees, all from FSC-certified forestry sources. Lenzing also uses a closed circuit production, which means 95% of the chemicals in the process are reused.

    BOMBA's linen and modal are both Oeko-Tex certified.



    The generous bloomer-style romper is extremely adaptable – it will gather up into lovely pleats on smaller babies, and happily stretch out to accommodate taller babies. It's a design that grows as your child grows, meaning it will stay in your wardrobe far longer than the average baby garment.

    That's why the BOMBA comes in just two sizes. Every baby is different, but as a general guide:

    • Small is for babies aged 3-9 months.
    • Large is for babies aged 9+ months.



    The BOMBA works brilliantly as a summer romper – simply worn over a nappy, with bare legs and arms. Or as a snuggly winter layer, on top of sleeves, colourful tights or leggings. The breathable fabrics keeps your baby cool in summer, and cosy in winter.



    With sturdy poppers at the base, the BOMBA is easy to pull up around your baby's feet. And easy to un-pop when it comes to changing nappies. Or, slip it on over your baby's head, and attach using the straps.



    The BOMBA is specifically designed to be shared, passed around, and worn by as many babies as possible. We hope this romper will become part of the family. 

    The special BOMBA label is for writing your child's name, as a garment is shared between groups of friends, among family, or saved for the next generation.

    The label lives in a little hidden pocket on the side of the romper. So you can neatly tuck it away when your baby is wearing the garment.

    But let your imagination rule, and use the space on the label however you like:

    • You could write a message for your baby to keep in their pocket.
    • Share a poem, song or family recipe.
    • List some of the things you're excited about sharing in the future.
    • Even draw a little picture...